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Alfa Romeo Mito Workshop Manual PDF

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Alfa Romeo Mito Workshop Manual PDF

With the Mito, Alfa Romeo has an attractive alternative small car on offer that is much more sensual than the VW Polo, Opel Corsa and the like. The name of the small car, which is designed in typical Alfa style, is derived from the two cities Milano (Milan) and Torino (Turin) - the former and current headquarters of the Fiat Group. Convenient: At the same time, Mito means "myth" in Italian.

The Alfa Romeo Mito offers a surprisingly wide range of engines in its old age. It comprises a total of five units: from the tired 1.4-liter naturally aspirated engine with 78 hp to the extremely potent 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 170 hp at the other end of the scale, which accelerates the small car to 219 km/h. The engine is also equipped with a six-speed dual clutch as standard. Just below that is a slightly weaker 140 hp variant that also comes with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission as standard.

Since the last model update, the Mito has also been available again with a diesel engine. The turbocharged compression-ignition engine produces 95 hp and a maximum torque of 200 Nm from a displacement of just under 1.3 liters. In this most fuel-efficient version, the Mito can be driven on around five liters per 100 km. But at a premium of 3200 euros over the 15,700 euro base model, this is only worthwhile for frequent drivers, who tend to be the exception with this city runabout.

A special case is the second most powerful performance level, which is 105 hp in the Mito. It is represented by the 0.9-liter two-cylinder turbo known from the Fiat 500 - a unique feature on the car market. Due to its modest torque of 145 Nm, the engine with its strong character needs to be revved diligently in order to develop its temperament. But then it sounds quite throaty and consumes more than the standard consumption of 4.2 l/100 km promises. In practice, six liters are hard to undercut.

Alfa Romeo Mito Workshop Manual PDF


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The Italian word Mito means myth. Whether the sporty three-door car lives up to its name remains to be seen. In any case, the workmanship is good, and the interior is dominated by pleasant materials. The chassis, which is fully tuned for sportiness, allows high cornering speeds and safe roadholding.

However, Alfa has exaggerated the steering. It is very direct, which results in frequent steering corrections and less relaxed driving. The new turbo engine with electrohydraulic valve control for CO2 and pollutant reduction ensures good driving performance. In addition, an automatic start-stop system is said to reduce consumption. However, the MiTo did not excel in the ADAC EcoTest, with consumption somewhat high at 6.4 l/100 km. Extensive equipment is on board as standard, including seven airbags to ensure a high level of safety.

10 years of undeniable success have made it an icon of compact sportiness: the Alfa Romeo Mito. It bears the Biscione brand name and was designed with the aim of responding to everyday needs while still conveying emotion as only Alfa Romeo can.

Sporty, dynamic and full of drive, it was hard not to be overwhelmed by our Alfa Romeo Mito. It was produced in a wide range of engines and offered great performance with low consumption and emissions.
Alfa Romeo Mito Workshop Manual PDF
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