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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Chana PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Chana PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Chana PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

Manuals on repair, operation and maintenance of cars Chana Benni / CV 6, with petrol engines of 1.3 liters.

Every car owner knows: repairing a car is always unpredictable, because one breakdown can entail the repair of other parts, which will be stretched for a very long time, but more unpleasantly it will hit your pocket. But the car has become an important part of the life of modern man, and it is simply impossible to stay without a car for a long time.

Therefore, for any car owner, it is very important to identify and fix the problem as soon as possible, without complications for other auto parts. That’s why there is a color manual for repair, operation and maintenance of Chan Benny / CV 6 cars since 2008, with petrol engines of 1.3 liters.

For car owners Chana Benni / CV 6, these guides are particularly relevant. It’s a family minivan where you and your whole family often go out of town, to the river, to the dacha and just to travel, where no one can help you. And I really would not want it to happen on the rest of a breakdown, because even a small malfunction can spoil the mood, or even the whole rest. Therefore, be sure to take this guide with you on the road and you will always have a reliable assistant nearby.

Chana Benni PDF manuals

Chana Benni

The editions contain more than 1000 drawings detailing the entire process of step-by-step repair of Chana Benni / CV 6, including engine repair, complete vehicle specifications, lists of possible malfunctions and recommendations for their elimination. All materials are created on the concrete experience, received during complete disassembly and assembly of this car by highly qualified mechanics.

In the proposed publication you will find: Chana Benni / CV – general information about the car, passport data, panels and control devices; recommendations for operation – preparation for departure, instructions for traffic safety; malfunctions in the way – what actions need to be taken in a particular case; maintenance of Chana Benni / CV 6 – a full step-by-step guide is presented.

Especially useful this manual will be for specialists of service stations and repair shops. The repair operations of units and assemblies in each section are selected on the principle of simple to complex: from simple maintenance operations, adjustment of units and systems, replacement of often failing parts, and major repairs of units. And also the recommendations for repairing the engine, transmission, running gear, steering, braking system and other machine components and assemblies are described. Wiring diagrams simplify the troubleshooting of electrical equipment.

Chana Benni PDF Workshop Manuals Free Download

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Chana Benni 2008 Service Manual.pdf277.5kbDownload
Chana Benni Owners manual.pdf1.2MbDownload
Chana Benni Repair Manual.pdf17.3MbDownload
Chana Benni Wiring Diagram.pdf105.4kbDownload
Chana Benni Workshop Manual.rar16.8MbDownload
Chana_Benni Spare Parts Catalog.pdf9MbDownload
Chana_Bulletin_3_10_03_2009 _4.pdf1.7MbDownload
Spare parts catalog Chana Benni.rar10.5MbDownload