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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Mitsubishi Engines and Transmissions PDF Manuals

Mitsubishi Engines and Transmissions PDF Manuals

Mitsubishi Engines and transmissions PDF Service and Repair manuals free download

Mitsubishi Engines PDF manuals

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi 420A Engines Repair Manual.zip1.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4a9 Engine Overhaul PDF.rar11.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4D5 Engines Repair Manual.zip57.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4D68 (E-W) Series Diesel Engine Workshop Manual PDF.rar3.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G1 4G9 Engine workshop manual.pdf3.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G1, 4G3, 4G6, 4G9, 6G7 Engines Repair Manual.zip14.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G3 Series Diesel Engine Workshop PDF.rar1.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G5 Engines Service Manual.zip5MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G5 Series Engine Digital Workshop Repair Manual PDF.rar4.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G6 and 4G6-EW Engine Factory Workshop Repair Manual PDF.rar24.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi 4G9 (4G92, 4G93, 4G94) Series Engine Repair Manual PDF.rar8.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi 6A1 Engine Service Manual, Repair and Overhaul Guide PDF.rar3.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi 6A1 Series (E-W) Engine Repair Manual PDF.rar1.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi 6A12 Engines Service Manual.zip1.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi 6G7 Engines Repair Manual.zip13.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carburetor Workshop Manual PDF.rar3.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Diesel Workshop Manual PDF.rar1.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 4D5 Workshop Repair Manual PDF.rar55.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 4D56 1997-1993 Repair Manual PDF.rar4.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 4D56 User Manual.pdf2.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 4D6 (4D65 & 4D68) Series Service Manual PDF.rar3.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi ENGINE 4G61, 4663, 4664 1992 Repair Manual PDF.rar3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 4M4 Service Repair Manual PDF.rar56.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 4M40 Service Repair Manual PDF.rar5.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 6A12 Series Workshop Repair Manual PDF.rar1.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine 6G7 Series Workshop Manual PDF.rar8.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine Electrical Workshop Manual PDF.rar2.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine F9QT Series Workshop Manual PDF.rar1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Engine Overhaul 4A9 Repair Manual.pdf11.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi F8QT Engines Service Manual.zip2.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi F9Q Engines Repair Manual.zip1.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi HPFP Zexel VRZE Repair Manual.zip4.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Multipoint Fuel Injection Workshop Manual PDF.rar844.1kbDownload

Mitsubishi engine types

By the names of engines of the MITSUBISHI much can not be said, as well as the names of engines of other companies (of course, except for TOYOTA and NISSAN).

The first figure in the name of the engine MITSUBISHI speaks about the number of cylinders. Examples: 4D56; 6G72; 3G83; 8A80.

The following letter gives some information about the type of engine:

  • A or G – gasoline engines (what is the difference between them is not clear yet). Examples: 4G15, 8A80, 6G72.
  • D – diesel with a mechanically controlled high-pressure fuel pump (injection pump). Examples: 4D56; 4D55.
  • M – diesel with electronically controlled fuel pump. Examples: 4M40; 4M41.

The last two digits indicate that the engine belongs to a series of engines. Motors having the same name (and correspondingly belonging to the same series) have a similar design, but they may differ in the degree of forcing, the working volume, the way of filling the working mixture. However, for engines 4G13 and 4G15 there is a correspondence of the name to the working volume: the first one has 1.3 liters, while the second one has 1.5 liters.

The old MITSUBISHI engines (development before 1989) might not have the first digit in the name showing the number of cylinders, but they had a letter at the end (which means it is not known), and the names became similar to SUZUKI engine names. Example: G13B (carburetor, 4-cylinder engine with 3 valves per cylinder).


TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission (E-W) PDF.rar5.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive Manual Transmission (E-W) PDF.rar6.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Transmission Workshop Manuals.zip69.7MbDownload

Service manual of Automatic gearbox for front-wheel drive vehicles

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
F1C1A_CVT Service Manual.zip1.2MbDownload
F3A21_F3A22_F4A21_F4A22_F4A23 Service Manual.zip9.8MbDownload
F4A33_W4A32_W4A33 Service Manual.zip9.1MbDownload
F4A41_F4A42_F4A51 Service Manual.zip3.9MbDownload
F4AC1 Service Manual.zip6.3MbDownload

Service manuals of Automatic gearbox for rear-wheel drive vehicles

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
R4A51_V4A51 Service Manual.zip3.5MbDownload
R4AW3_V4AW3 Service Manual.zip6.8MbDownload
V4AW2-1_3_7_R4AW2 Service Manual.zip3.6MbDownload
V4AW4 Service Manual.zip5.2MbDownload
V5A51 Service Manual.zip2.8MbDownload

Service Manuals of Manual gearbox for front-wheel drive vehicles

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Clutch F5M41, F5M42, W5M42 Service Manuals.zip640.9kbDownload
Clutch F5MR1, F5MR2 Service Manuals.zip119.7kbDownload
Clutches for front-wheel drive vehicles – Service Manuals.zip305.7kbDownload
F4M21/F5M21/F5M22/F5M31/F5M33/W5M32/W5M33 Service Manual.zip5MbDownload
F5M41, F5M42, W5M42 service manuals.zip2.1MbDownload
F5M51 Service Manual.zip948.5kbDownload
F5MR1/F5MR2/F5MR3 Service Manual.zip2.3MbDownload
KM182 service manual.zip809.4kbDownload
W5MG1/W6MG1 Service Manual.zip4MbDownload

Service Manuals of Manual gearbox for rear-wheel drive vehicles

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Clutches for rear-wheel drive vehicles – Service Manuals.zip340.3kbDownload
R4M21, R5M21, V5M21 Service Manuals.zip5.9MbDownload
R5M21, V5M21 Service Manual.zip3.5MbDownload
R5M3, V5M3 Service Manual.zip3.8MbDownload
V5MT1 Service Manual.zip3.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi 380 PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi 380 PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi 380 PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi 380 PDF Service Manuals

Mitsubishi 380

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi 380 Workshop Manual.rar143.8MbDownload

The front-drive large sedan Mitsubishi 380 was developed in Australia specifically for the local market based on the model of the Galant ninth generation. The car was equipped with only a gasoline engine V6 3.8 power paired with five-speed gearbox, mechanical or automatic. Accounting for the tastes of local buyers did not help to achieve good demand (every year in Australia only about ten thousand Mitsubishi 380 sedans were produced), so in 2008 production was discontinued. This car was the last model of the brand “Mitsubishi”, created specifically for the Australian market, later only pure imported cars were delivered here.

The interior of the sedan Mitsubishi 380, 2005-2008

The interior of the sedan Mitsubishi 380, 2005-2008


Mitsubishi PDF Owners Manuals

Mitsubishi PDF Owners Manuals

Mitsubishi PDF Owners Manuals

Mitsubishi PDF Manuals


TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi Airtrek User Manual.pdf14.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi ASX User Manual.pdf8.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Canter User Manual.pdf8.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt Plus User Manual.pdf24.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica D2 User Manual.pdf8.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica D3 2016 User Manual.pdf6.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica D5 2016 User Manual.pdf9.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica User Manual.pdf3.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Dignity User Manual.pdf23.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder User Manual.pdf15.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse User Manual.pdf15.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi eK space Owner’s Manual.pdf7.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi eK Wagon Owner’s Manual.pdf6.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Endeavor User Manual.pdf8.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Evo User Manual.pdf10.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi Fortis User Manual.pdf12.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi FTO 1998 Handbook.pdf6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Fuso User Manual.pdf30.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi i-MiEV Owner’s Manual.pdf7.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo User Manual.pdf5.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Owner’s Manual.pdf43.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Owner’s Manual.pdf7.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Lancer SE AWC Owner’s Manual.pdf57.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Owner’s Manual.pdf55.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Lancer User Manual.pdf14.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Leadca Owner’s Manual.pdf30.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Mini-cab truck Owner’s Manual.pdf5.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Minicab Van Owner’s Manual.pdf8.4MbDownload


Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV, Minicab-MiEV track Owner’s Manual.pdf4.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Owner’s Manual.pdf9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Mirage Owner’s Manual.pdf5.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo User Manual.pdf20.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Outlander Owner Manual.pdf2.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Owner’s Manual.pdf14.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Pajero Owner’s Manual.pdf7.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi Pro Canter Owner’s Manual.pdf25.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Proudia Owner’s Manual.pdf23.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi RVR Owner’s Manual.pdf7.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Savrin Owner’s Manual.pdf30.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Veryca Owner’s Manual.pdf6.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Zinger Owner’s Manual.pdf23.4MbDownload

Mitsubishi Group is a Japanese conglomerate, one of the first zaibatsu. The largest companies in its composition are Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (which, in turn, includes the automobile giant Mitsubishi Motors, chemical concern Mitsubishi Chemical, Nikon Corporation and other industrial assets). The headquarters are in Tokyo.

Initially, the company was engaged in the production and repair of ships, as well as coal mining for ships and marine insurance. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, Mitsubishi became a large company, which until the end of the Second World War belonged to one family.

For the entire history of the company, the most expensive development and model remains the Mitsubishi 3000GT sports car, it’s Mitsubishi GTO and Dodge Stealth for the American market. In blind execution the car was painted by the famous Italian design bureau Pininfarina, due to what he was nicknamed “the Japanese Ferrari”.

Mitsubishi 3000GT PDF Manuals

Mitsubishi 3000GT

Mitsubishi model lineup


3000 GT
Chariot Grandis
Diamante Wagon

Eterna Sava
Eterna Sigma
Galant Sigma
Galant Sports
Lancer Ralliant
Lancer Evolution
Lancer Evolution I RS
Lancer Evolution II RS
Lancer Cedia
Lancer Cedia Wagon
Lancer Wagon

Magna Wagon
Minica Toppo
Mirage Asti
Mirage Wagon
Montero Sport
Pajero Sport
Pajero Io
Pajero Junior
Pajero Mini
Shogun Sport
Space Gear
Space Star

Toppo Bj
Toppo Bj Wide
Town Box
Town Box Wide

Monday, August 17, 2020

Mitsubishi 3000GT PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi 3000GT PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi 3000GT PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi 3000GT Service, Workshop and Repair manuals


TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi 3000GT & Spyder 1995 Service Manual Supplement.pdf4.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1991 Service Manual, vol. 1 (Engine, Chassis, Body).pdf76.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1991 Service Manual, vol. 2 (Electrical Wiring Diagrams).pdf22.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1991-1993 ECU Pin-Outs.zip11.8kbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1992-1996 Service Manual, vol. 2 (Electrical Wiring Diagrams).pdf40.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1993 Body Repair Manual.zip33.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1993 Technical Information Manual.rar11.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1995 Dodge Stealth Wiring Diagrams.rar3.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1997 Wiring Diagrams.zip1000.5kbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT Workshop Manual.rar40.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi 3000GT PDF Service Manuals Free download

Mitsubishi 3000GT

Mitsubishi 3000GT – History

Mitsubishi 3000GT – sports car of a class GT of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors. Produced from 1990 to 2000 year. In the domestic market of Japan was known as the Mitsubishi GTO. For North America, the car was pre-assembled by the corporation Chrysler and was named Dodge Stealth.

After successfully showing the Mitsubishi HSR and HSX concept cars in 1989 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi developed the new GTO as a technologically advanced coupe sports coupe to compete with the Honda NSX, Mazda RX-7, Nissan 300ZX, Skyline GT-R, Subaru SVX and Toyota Supra. They revived the name GTO, and the car continued to produce until the end of the decade.

In the first generation Mitsubishi used its most modern technology, such as four-wheel drive, four active wheels, active aerodynamics involving automatic adjustment of the front and rear spoilers and electronic suspension control (ECS). On Dodge Stealth there was no active aerodynamics. In the engine model 3000GT there were four camshafts, two turbochargers with intercooler and multi-point injection of fuel into the cylinders.

First generation 3000GT

First generation 3000GT

The second generation of the model differs from the first, primarily on the modified front and rear bumpers, as well as on the side air intakes. The interior was also redone, there were 2 airbags, a new audio system and air conditioning. The twin-turbocharged engine received a slight increase in torque from 416 Nm to 427 Nm. In addition to this, the VR-4 began to be equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox Getrag.

The SOHC engine, previously available only in the Dodge Stealth base version, was installed in the Mitsubishi model, after which Dodge Stealth was removed from production. In 1999, the car received partial exterior transformations, including a new front bumper, headlights, and turn signals. 1999 was the last year of 3000GT, when it was available in the US market.

Mitsubishi ASX PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi ASX PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi ASX PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi ASX Service Manuals

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX PDF manuals:

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi ASX 2010 Owners Manual.pdf30.5MbDownload

The Mitsubishi ASX car is Mitsubishi’s belated response to the rapid growth in demand for all-terrain vehicles with off-road appearance. However, sporty appearance, good handling, three engine options, a large number of options make Mitsubishi ASX an interesting car.

Mitsubishi ASX was created in order to create competition for Nissan Qashqai. ASX has gained immense popularity, especially among Mitsubishi owners, who previously lacked a high ground clearance or all-wheel drive.

Mitsubishi engineers correctly interpreted the expectations of consumers. Front or all-wheel drive, clearance in 195 mm, three engine options: 1.6-liter with a capacity of 117 liters. with., 1,8-liter with a capacity of 140 liters. from. and 2.0-liter with a capacity of 150 liters. from. The first two motors are available only with front-wheel drive, and the third – with four-wheel drive.

The basic equipment of the Mitsubishi ASX includes a 1.6-liter engine, a manual transmission, sixteen-inch steel wheels, two front airbags, heated heated electric mirrors, front sports seats, air conditioning, an onboard computer, a CD and MP3 player, a radio , six speakers, front and rear windows, heated front seats, an immobilizer and remote control of the central lock.

Up to 100 km / h car with a 1.6-liter engine accelerates in 11.4 seconds, if this is not enough, then it is worth paying attention to the 2.0-liter version, after all, the 1.8-liter engine accelerates the car in 13.1 seconds because of the transmission with a stepless automatic.

The 2.0-liter version of the Mitsubishi ASX is offered with a “mechanics” and a variator, its acceleration to a hundred occurs in 10 seconds.

Mitsubishi ASX Workshop Manuals

Mitsubishi ASX

The top equipment of the car has seventeen-inch wheels, a leather interior, a refrigerator compartment, a premium audio system, parking sensors and much more. In the maximum configuration, the car is equipped with a panoramic roof with an LED suspension.

The repair manual contains: a detailed maintenance manual (including wiring diagrams) and the repair of the Mitsubishi ASX from 2011 onwards.

Mitsubishi Canter PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Canter PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Canter PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi Canter

Mitsubishi Canter

Mitsubishi Canter PDF manuals

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi Canter Body Repair Manual.rar46MbDownload
Mitsubishi Canter FB/FE/FG Specifications.pdf3MbDownload

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is a series of compact trucks manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in various modifications since 1963.

First generation (T720) 1963-1968

For the first time, the name Canter was presented in March 1963 on light trucks T720. Which originated from the previous series “T710”, presented in 1960. These early models were almost entirely sold in Asia. The cars were equipped with four-cylinder 4DQ1 diesel engines of 2.0 l capacity of 68 hp.

In 1964 the car was upgraded. There were four round headlights for the main light instead of two round headlights.

Second Generation (T90) 1968-1978

In January 1968, Canter appeared second generation with a new cabin.

In July 1970, the model was upgraded, and a new radiator grille appeared. The diesel engine was replaced by the new 4DR5 2.7 l with a power of 80 hp.

Fourth Generation (FE1 / FE2) 1978-1985

The fourth generation of Canter has a wider cab and has a capacity up to 3 tons.

Seventh Generation (FE7 / FE8) 2002-2010

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7

The range of Canter Japanese cars produced by the lifting capacity of 1.0-4.5 tons includes rear-wheel drive models FB, FC, FE and option FG (4×4). The lightest 1.5-ton Canter Guts model features an updated narrow cabin, and Canter’s export options have cabins of the old model. They use gasoline and diesel engines (2.8-4.2 liters, 94-130 hp), 5-speed manual gearboxes, or 4-speed, with an improved Inomat-II automatic switching system without a clutch pedal.

Eighth Generation (FBA / FEA · B · C) since 2010

In 2010, a new 8-th generation Canter model was introduced. This is the first upgraded generation that satisfies the new Japanese emission standards JP09. Moreover, NOx and PM emissions are 30% lower than those required by JP09 standards. In addition, all of the updated versions of Canter not only satisfy the fuel efficiency requirements for trucks (FES2015), but also exceed them by 2-7%. The new generation is equipped with a diesel 3.0L 4P10 with BlueTec® system, which combines the selective catalytic neutralization of the SCR and the DPF particulate filter, which is used for the first time in light trucks. New trucks are equipped with DUONIC gearboxes with dual-clutch couplings. The exterior and interior design have been updated, improvements have been made to the frame, suspension and brake system of the truck, which reduced the weight by 90 kg and increased the safety. The new design truck was awarded the Good Design Award 2010.

In the spring of 2011, the MFTBC began selling a new generation of Canter trucks in North America, which was presented at the NTEA Work Truck Show. North America has become the first country outside of Japan, where the new Canter will be marketed.

Fuso eCanter

Fuso eCanter

Fuso eCanter

In September 2016, an electric 6-ton truck Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter debuted at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. The car is equipped with two rechargeable batteries with a total capacity of 48 kWh. The traction electric motor develops a power of 110 kW (150 hp.), And the maximum torque reaches 650 Nm. The truck’s stock is about 100 km.


Mitsubishi Carisma PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Carisma PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Carisma PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi Carisma PDF Repair Manuals

Mitsubishi Carisma

Mitsubishi Carisma PDF Service, Workshop and Repair manuals


TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi Carisma 1996 Chassis Workshop Manual (PWDE9502) PDF.rar41.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma 1996-1997 Body Repair Manual.rar7MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma 1996-2001 Workshop Manuals.rar88.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma 1996-2003 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.rar42.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma 1998 Chassis Workshop Manual (PWDE9502-B) PDF.rar6.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma 1999 Chassis Workshop Manual (PWDE9502-D) PDF.rar12.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma 2001 Chassis Workshop Manual (PWDE9502-E) PDF.rar15.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Carisma GDI 1998 Chassis Workshop Manual (PWDE9502-C) PDF.rar6.8MbDownload


Repair manuals for Mitsubishi Carisma, as well as operating and maintenance manuals for Mitsubishi Carisma, equipped with gasoline engines 4G92 working volume of 1.6 liters, 4G93 (MPI, GDI) with a working volume of 1.8 liters.

These manuals contain useful operating tips, detailed information on the maintenance of Mitsubishi Carisma and the diagnosis of model problems. Here you will find necessary information on repair and adjustment of the car engine systems (including the distributed (MPI) and direct (GDI) fuel injection system), ignition system, start and charge systems). On the manual pages, the user will find tips for adjusting and repairing manual transmission and automatic transmission, steering, suspension, and brake system components (including ABS (anti-lock braking system) and TCL (traction control)).

The instructions for the use of self-diagnosis of ACS (engine management systems), ABS, TCL, air-conditioning and SRS systems, and procedures for checking the parameters on the terminals of the electric control unit connectors for various systems of the Mitsubishi Carisma are discussed.

The basic wiring diagrams of Mitsubishi Carisma are given, descriptions of checks of electrical equipment elements of this model are included.

The possible faults of Mitsubishi Carisma have been studied and methods of eliminating already identified damages have been examined, the dimensions of the main car parts are given in the service manuals and the limits of the maximum possible wear of such components are indicated. The consumer will find in the materials of the publication and recommendations from professionals on working fluids and lubricants. In addition, thanks to the repair manuals, the user will be able to pick up almost any necessary parts of Mitsubishi Carisma.

Mitsubishi Carisma

Mitsubishi Carisma

The separate chapters of the proposed manuals include the detailed instruction manual for Mitsubishi Carisma, important advice, necessary instructions and correct recommendations for regular self-maintenance, catalog numbers and electrical wiring diagrams for Mitsubishi Carisma.

These workshop manuals are intended for all owners of cars Mitsubishi Carisma, and such guidance will at times be extremely useful for technical specialists, numerous employees of the service station, mechanics and employees of technical centers and car-care centers.

Mitsubishi Colt PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Colt PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Colt PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi Colt PDF Manuals

Mitsubishi Colt

Mitsubishi Colt Service Repair Manual PDF

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi Colt 1992-1995 Lancer Service Repair Manual PDF.rar41.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1992-1996 Workshop Manual.rar41.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1994-2001 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.rar33.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1996-2001 Lancer Workshop Service Manual PDF.rar29.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1996-2001 Workshop Manuals.rar26.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1996, Lancer Workshop Manual Chassis (PWME9511) PDF.rar31.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1996, Lancer Electrical Wiring (PHME9511) PDF.rar8.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1998, Lancer Electrical Wiring Supplement (PHME9511-A) PDF.rar3.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 1998, Lancer Workshop Manual Chassis Supplement (PWME9511-A) PDF.rar1.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 2000, Lancer 2000 Workshop Manual Chassis Supplement PDF.rar1.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 2000, Lancer Electrical Wiring Supplement (PHME9511-B) PDF.rar1.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 2001 Electrical Wiring Supplement (PHME9511-C) PDF.rar1.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 2001 Workshop Manual Chassis Supplement PDF.rar8.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt 2006 Wiring Circuit Diagram.pdf14.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt and Colt Ralliart Technical Information Manual, MY 2006.pdf151.8kbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt Body Repair Manual, MY 2004.zip7.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt Wiring Diagram – Component Lacations.pdf2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt Wiring Diagram – Configuration Diagrams.pdf936.5kbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt Workshop Manual, MY 2004.zip10.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi Colt, MY 2011 Owners Manual.pdf19.3MbDownload

Mitsubishi Colt Workshop Manuals

These repair manuals for Mitsubishi Colt includes detailed information on the diagnosis, adjustment and repair of various engine systems and components, MPI fuel injection systems, MIVEC timing changes, ignition, starting and charging, instructions for using the engine self-diagnosis systems, robotic gearbox, anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Stability Control (ASC), Traction Control (TCL), Power Steering (EPS), Pass system (LIN), data bus (CAN), immobilizer, air conditioning system, as well as recommendations and advice on adjusting mechanical and robotic controls, adjusting and repairing the elements of the brake system (including ABS, EBD, TCL and ASC), suspension and steering.

Possible malfunctions of the machine are considered, methods of eliminating these problems are studied. Body dimensions, matching sizes of main parts, limits of their permissible wear are given, recommendations for lubricants and working fluids are offered.

There are no car owners whose iron friend would not begin after a certain operational period to demand increased attention. It is not so important it will be a regular checkup and further maintenance of the equipment or cases when there are malfunctions and the thought comes that without outside interference of the special services employees there is no way to do. It is better to remember at that time that the salon has a great literature on repairing the Mitsubishi Colt, thanks to which most procedures can be carried out by themselves and save a lot of money, not to mention time. Never forget to take this faithful ally with you on the road, because the manual is intended to help not only in the garage or on the streets of any locality where tech support is not an issue and the book will play its supporting role in relatively comfortable conditions, but, more importantly, especially for those who like to go on long trips, at significant distances, where they happen to be in force majeure, the brochure will become the main and, often, the only assistant.

Mitsubishi Colt service manual

Mitsubishi Colt

In the beginning, the authors of the automaton put the instruction manual for Mitsubishi Colt. The information and data on the current independent maintenance, the wiring diagrams (electrical circuits) used in various configuration options, the description of the elements of the Mitsubishi Colt electrical equipment, necessary for all users are included in separate sections of this repair instruction.

The proposed service manual will be a great help to all those who have already bought a Mitsubishi Colt car, or are planning to purchase such a model in the near future, to employees of auto repair centers, mechanics and technicians of service stations, car workshops, road services and other technical professionals performing car service operations and preferring Have at hand a visual technical aid as a convenient hint.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mitsubishi Delica PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Delica PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Delica PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

Mitsubishi Delica Service Manuals

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi Delica D-5 2015 MY Owners Manual.pdf9.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica D-5 2016 MY Owners Manual.pdf9.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica D-5 2017 MY Owners Manual.pdf8.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Delica L300 Workshop Repair Manual Pdf.rar3.6MbDownload

Repair manuals for Mitsubishi Delica, as well as operating and maintenance manuals, electrical wiring diagrams for Mitsubishi Delica vehicles since 1994, left-hand and right-hand drive, equipped with 4D56 diesel engines with a working capacity of 2.5 liters. and 4M40 working volume of 2.8 liters.

The manuals show possible malfunctions and methods for their elimination, the associated dimensions of the main parts and the limits of their permissible wear, the recommended lubricants and working fluids.

Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis, repair and adjustment of the engine, fuel pump, electronic control system (EFI-diesel), start-up systems, charging and turbocharging, instructions for using the automatic self-diagnosis system, ABS, air bag system (SRS), shock absorber operating mode control ECS), recommendations for the adjustment and repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions, all-wheel drive control systems (SUPER SELECT and PART TIME), brake system components (including ABS), steering and suspension. The design changes to which the units and aggregates of cars were subjected in the production process are described.

The separate sections of the publication include the instruction manual for Mitsubishi Delica and the electrical circuit diagrams of the car.

The manual is intended for owners of cars Mitsubishi Delica, mechanics, workers of SRT and car-care centers.

Mitsubishi Delica PDF Manuals

Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi Diamante PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Diamante PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Diamante PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi Diamante 1990-2000 Repair Manuals.rar66.3MbDownload


Mitsubishi Diamante

Mitsubishi Diamante – full-size car of Japanese concern Mitsubishi, produced for the markets of different countries, including for domestic. The first generation got on the conveyor belt in 1989, Diamante was produced with bodies of types of sedan and wagon, and from the moment of the release the car was positioned as belonging to the business class.

The second generation

Mitsubishi Diamante of the second generation was produced in Japan since 1995. The range of powertrains included several V-shaped 6-cylinder gasoline engines: 6G73 SOHC 24V (200 hp) with the MVV system, DOHC 24V (200 hp), and a 3 liter 6g72 DOHC 24V. (230 hp) It was also offered a “charged” version of the 3-liter engine: 6G72 DOHC Mivec. (270 hp) The transmission was only automatic, and the drive as before could be front or constant full. All boxes had a semi-automatic mode, and an electronic control system INVECS-II. Only the 2.5E version had a conventional automatic transmission with winter mode.

The Last Restyling

Another update Mitsubishi Diamante occurred in 2002.

Constructively, the body of the Diamante was the basis of the previous generation with a new plumage, the only available in the Japanese market was the V-shaped 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters and 170 hp, the transmission was a 4-speed automatic transmission. A characteristic feature of the Mitsubishi Diamante engine of the 2002 model year is the presence of the direct fuel injection system GDI.

Mitsubishi Diamante

In the domestic Japanese market, there was also a “charged” version of the Mitsubishi Diamante, which featured an audio system with a total power of 270 watts, sports suspension, exclusive wheel discs and an original exhaust system.

The release of Mitsubishi Diamante was completed in November 2005.

Mitsubishi Eclipse PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Eclipse PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Eclipse PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi Eclipse PDF Service manuals Free Download


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Mitsubishi Eclipse & Spyder 1990-1998 Service Repair Manual PDF.rar80.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1990-1994 Electrical Wiring.zip14.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1990-1994 Service Manuals.zip102.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1991 Body Repair Manual.zip29.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996 Body Repair Manual.zip59.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996-1998 Workshop manuals.rar27MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996-1999 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.rar8.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000-2002 Service Manual.rar109.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse Technical Information Manual.pdf12.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder 1990-1998 Service Manual and Electrical Wiring.zip81.7MbDownload


Manual for repair, maintenance and operation of Mitsubishi Eclipse cars with gasoline engines.

In these workshop manuals:

Routine maintenance – simple weekly checks;
Maintenance – complete step-by-step guide;
Troubleshooting is a simple solution to specific problems;
Road malfunctions – what to do in such cases;
Preparing for inspection – step-by-step inspection of the car’s systems;
Appendix – includes a dictionary of technical terms;
Brake system – control and repair in the name of safety;
Power and ignition systems – some explanations;
Electrical equipment – troubleshooting;
Engine – adjustments, small and large repairs;
Color electrical circuits – simplify the search for elements;
Recommendations for use.

The purpose of this manual is to help the owner to use the full potential of Mitsubishi Eclipse. First of all, you will be able to understand which of the vehicle’s nodes requires maintenance or repair, and also evaluate the possibility of doing this on their own.

Also in this manual is a complete list of procedures for periodic maintenance. The most common faults and methods for their detection and elimination are also given. We hope that you will be able to solve many of the emerging problems on your own. Some procedures take so little time that it is easier to do it yourself than to register with a service station, drive the car back to it, and then take it back. By this you can save not only your time, but also money.

Mitsubishi Eclipse PDf manuals

This manual provides detailed illustrated descriptions of the various components and mechanisms of the car. All maintenance and repair procedures are described step by step and illustrated.

This repair manuals is intended for owners of cars Mitsubishi Eclipse, specialists of service stations and repair shops.

Mitsubishi FTO PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi FTO PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi FTO PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi FTO Service Manuals

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Mitsubishi FTO 1998 Handbook.pdf6MbDownload
Mitsubishi FTO 1998 Workshop Manuals.zip133.2MbDownload

The Mitsubishi FTO

The Mitsubishi FTO is a front-wheel drive car of the coupe type manufactured by the Japanese Mitsubishi Motors Corporation from 1994 to 2000.

The car was developed exclusively for the domestic Japanese market, but later was limited sales in the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. The car received the title Car of the Year in Japan in 1994-95.

The FTO is an abbreviation for “Fresh Touring Origination”, which in translation means a travel car full of freshness and originality.

In 1997, the model was modernized by replacing the front bumper.

Attractive parties of the FTO is the aggressive design of its bodywork and is not inferior to external data dynamics. Release of the car fell in 1994. The FTO cuts the front and rear overhangs as much as possible, a very compact cab is located in the wide body. All this gives the car an original, easily recognizable form, which has no analogues in the world.

Mitsubishi FTO

Mitsubishi FTO

The Mitsubishi FTO uses 3 types of engines, among which is the 2-liter V-shaped 6-cylinder DOHC MIVEC engine with electronically controlled variable valve clearance, capable of developing 200 hp. FTO is produced only in front-wheel drive version. Attention should be paid to the fact that it was the first Japanese car to be fitted with the 4-speed automatic transmission INVECS-II with sport mode and the possibility of mechanical control. The company Porsche has developed an automatic transmission with the possibility of a mechanical gearshift – Tiptronic. Being automatic, it allows you to switch to sports mode.

Among the modifications of the FTO, the most powerful GPX is considered, except for it there are GR (170 hp) and GS (125 hp) – a total of 3 complete sets. In 1996, the car underwent some changes. In 1997, the GP equipment was added, complete with a lot of tuning parts.

Production of the Mitsubishi FTO and GTO / GT3000 ended in the summer of 2000.

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Mitsubishi Galant PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Galant PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Galant PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download

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Mitsubishi Galant Service Manuals Free Download

Service Manual of Mitsubishi Galant

Service Manual Mitsubishi Galant, as well as a manual for operation and repair Mitsubishi Galant. Both models for the North American market are considered, as well as those cars that are designed for buyers from Russia and Ukraine.



These workshop manuals includes detailed sections on maintenance and operation of Mitsubishi Galant, repair and adjustment of motor systems (including ignition and fuel injection systems, starting and charging systems), tips for diagnosis and repair of automatic transmission, brake system components (including ABS ( anti-lock braking system) and TCL (traction control)), Mitsubishi Galant steering system and its suspension. Contains all the necessary data for a qualified and rapid diagnosis of malfunctions, which included, in particular, the tables of fault codes. The methods of checking the working conditions of the main units of technical equipment are considered. Detailed study of the removal and installation of machine parts, advice and recommendations for the correct replacement of faulty and used parts. Also, the manual will tell you which parts of Mitsubishi Galant are necessary for a motorist at a particular moment.

There are also professional instructions on the use of self-diagnosis of ACS (engine management system), automatic transmission, ABS, TCL, and also considered air conditioning and SRS.

The information necessary for all drivers (including the catalog numbers) for carrying out an independent maintenance routine, the electrical wiring diagram (circuit diagram) for the vehicle and the description of the checks of the Mitsubishi Galant electrical components can be found in separate chapters of this manual.

The service manual is intended for professional auto mechanics, specialists of the service station, as well as for all car owners who repair their car Mitsubishi Galant on their own. Such repair books should always be kept in the car – they will render technical assistance when traveling, when specialized MOT centers are unavailable.


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Mitsubishi Galant 1989-1993 Electrical Wiring.zip16.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1989-1993 Service Manual.rar66.4MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1990-2000 Repair Manual.rar66.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1993-1996 Electrical Wiring.zip55.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1993-1996 Workshop Manual.rar80.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1993-2004 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.rar83.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1996 Hatchback Chassis SUPPLEMENT PDF.rar1.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1997 Body Repair Manual.rar7MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1997 Workshop Service Manual PDF.rar41.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1997-2001 Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF.rar49.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1997-2001 Electrical Wiring.zip49.5MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1997-2001 Workshop Manual.rar69.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 1999 Workshop Manual Supplement.rar11.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 2001 Workshop Manual Supplement.rar16MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 2007 Supplement for Russia and Ukraine.pdf51.6kbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 2010 Owners Manual.pdf61.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 2011 Owners Manual.pdf61.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant 2012 Owners Manual.pdf61.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant Hatchback 1993 Workshop Manual PDF.rar77.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant Hatchback 1995 Chassis SUPPLEMENT PDF.rar681.3kbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant Wiring Circuit Diagrams.pdf22.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant Wiring Diagram – Component Lacations.pdf2.9MbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant Wiring Diagram – Configuration Diagrams.pdf16.7kbDownload
Mitsubishi Galant Workshop Manual (2004-2007) PDF.rar61.7MbDownload
Mitsubishi Grandis PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Grandis PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Mitsubishi Grandis PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download !

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mitsubishi grandis service manual

Mitsubishi Grandis Workshop Manuals Free Download


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Mitsubishi Grandis 2004 Body Repair Manual.rar11.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi Grandis 2004 Workshop Manual.pdf446.2kbDownload
Mitsubishi Grandis Wiring Circuit Diagrams.pdf37.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Grandis Wiring Diagram – Component Lacations.pdf2MbDownload
Mitsubishi Grandis Wiring Diagram – Configuration Diagrams.pdf1.3MbDownload
Mitsubishi Grandis, MY 2010 Owners Manual.pdf21MbDownload


Content of the Service Manuals for Mitsubishi Grandis

User’s manual
Brake system
Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system
Passive safety
Electrical equipment

In these manuals, the operation and repair of the Mitsubishi Grandis, manufactured since 2003, are considered. The service manuals describe the repair of cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

In 2003, Grandis replaced the outdated single-volume Mitsubishi Space Wagon, but did not become its direct replacement, because the image, concept and positioning of these cars are significantly different.The car is made in a new corporate style of the company, developed by a team of designers led by Olivier Boule.

The Grandis exterior is a combination of harmony and dynamics. The headlamps, almost like a hood, sporting a fast silhouette, a garland of fashionable LED lights around the perimeter of a huge rear window – all this looks stylish, modern and creative.

Mitsubishi Grandis PDF manuals

Mitsubishi Grandis

The Grandis is equipped with a state-of-the-art 2.4-liter four-cylinder 165-horsepower MIVEC engine (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Lift and Timing Electronic Control). The MIVEC system not only provides excellent throttle response and high torque over a wide range of speeds, but also gives Grandis excellent driving qualities. This power unit is equipped with the automatic transmission INVECS-II.

Also on the Grandis is installed a 2.0 liter diesel engine. The unit has a power of 136 hp. and thanks to the high torque (310 N * m) is hardly inferior to the 165-horsepower gasoline version.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV PDF Workshop and Owners manuals

Mitsubishi i-MiEV PDF Workshop and Owners manuals

Mitsubishi i-MiEV PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download!

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Mitsubishi i-MiEV service manual

Mitsubishi i-MiEV PDF manuals free download

TitleFile SizeDownload Link
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2011 Owners Manual.pdf12.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2012 Dismantling Guide.pdf3.1MbDownload
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2012 Owners Manual.pdf12.6MbDownload
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2015 Owners Manual.pdf26.8MbDownload
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2016 Owners Manual.pdf29.2MbDownload
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2017 Owners Manual.pdf7.8MbDownload

Mitsubishi i-MiEV history

Electromobile i-MiEV is built on the basis of the standard petrol Mitsubishi i, which is manufactured since 2006.

The weight of the gasoline Mitsubishi i is 900 kg (the electric car is 200 kg heavier). The three-cylinder engine with a volume of 659 cm3 is located behind and develops 64 hp. and 94 N • m. The box is a four-speed automatic.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV PDF manuals

Under the floor of the electric car, a lithium-ion battery is hidden, an electric motor and transmission (a single-stage reduction gearbox with a differential) above the rear drive axle, a rectifier and a converter over them. Engine power – 64 hp at 3000-6000 rpm, the torque is 180 N • m from 0 to 2000 rpm. The maximum speed is about 130 km / h.

The company Mitsubishi Motors from July 2009 to March 2010 sold in Japan only 1400 electric cars Mitsubishi i-MiEV and another 250 cars of this brand (for the same period) in other markets – in Hong Kong and the UK. In America, the car appeared only in 2011. Such low sales were due to a high price. But, given that Mitsubishi Corporation managed to achieve a significant reduction in the price of its i-MiEV, it became the most affordable in Japan among the models of this class. Updated Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car with a new price will go on sale in the summer of 2011.

The price is reduced by 2 million yen (this is about $ 25 thousand). To reduce the price it was possible due to the facilitated lithium battery. The new battery can travel 120 kilometers at a charge of 120 kilometers, which is, of course, 40 kilometers less than in the base model, but the price has been reduced significantly. Mitsubishi believes that 120 kilometers will allow you to move around the city and kilometer distance is enough to travel for shopping, for work and even for a trip to the suburbs.

The initial price was about $ 45 thousand, but taking into account government subsidies and with tax deductions due to the environmentally friendly electric vehicle could be purchased at a price of about $ 33 thousand. In 2009, Mitsubishi i-MiEV was sold only to legal entities and municipalities, and from 2010 the car became available in retail. In 2012, Mitsubishi Motors plans to increase the production of Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicles by three times.

In the spring of 2011, Estonia entered into an agreement with the Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi to transfer to the company 10 million unused emission allowances for CO2 emissions and receive in return 500 electric vehicles. Now they are used as advertising of the project of electric cars under the name Elmo, but only in a warm season.